Our team has more than fifteen years of experience in private investigation and is fully licensed. In order to keep their skills up to date, all of our field personnel undergo regular field training and classroom educational courses. We also employ staff with prior military and law enforcement backgrounds to ensure that the investigators working on your case have the highest possible training and dedication. Simply put, when you partner with us, you’ll receive a team of investigators who are ethical, intelligent, and committed to providing you with the evidence and results you need.

How Our Partnerships Work 

It all starts with a free consultation. When you come in to speak with one of our private investigators, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your situation. If you have documents or other evidence that help explain your situation, please bring those with you. 

Each situation is unique, and one of the most important qualities of a private investigator is the ability to listen closely and understand what you’re looking for, how much information you currently have, and what your options are going forward. We are professional and discrete and everything is kept confidential.

Our San Antonio private investigators are fair and honest, and we do everything we can to find the answers you’re looking for. We also work to be as transparent as possible about what we can do for you and what our services will cost.

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Child Custody Disputes

Using a private investigator for a child custody or divorce case is fairly common, and we understand the certain procedures that need to be followed in order to ensure that the information we obtain will hold up in a court of law.

If you’ve found yourself in a heated custody battle, you understand the challenges and emotional stress the case brings. Our private investigators are here to provide you with unbiased, objective evidence that can be used in the case. The discovery process — when documents and evidence related to your child custody case are presented — is a vital part in a child custody case. 

We will help you collect evidence and we can conduct surveillance to see how an individual interacts with children and whether they can be trusted to have custody. If there is a issue of suspected child abuse, we can work within the confines of the law to see if the child is safe.

Kidnapping/Human Trafficking Cases

Similar to a criminal investigation, depending merely on the resources and capabilities of law enforcement in a missing person investigation can leave you waiting in vain. With a private investigator, you will receive constant updates on the progress of your case, and they will work alongside law enforcement to determine the whereabouts of your loved one until the case is closed.


Surveillance is a broad category, and our personal investigators use surveillance in nearly every case that we work on, from missing persons investigation to theft, fraud, and more. We closely monitor a person or place and gather evidence to build and support a case. 

We also conduct electronic surveillance, which includes surveilling a person’s online activity, use of their phones, email, and social media. Here at Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio, our private investigators are trained to perform discrete surveillance and gather the information you’re looking for. We can also perform visual surveillance and documentation (via micro cameras, security cameras, and SLRs with zoom lenses) and gather audio evidence.

Insurance Fraud

An insurance fraud investigation occurs when someone has benefited or attempted to benefit from deceitful claims. Filing for false or inflated insurance claims is not only illegal, it also raises the price of insurance for everyone.

Insurance fraud includes:

  • Health Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Workers’ Comp Insurance
  • Life Insurance

While many cases of insurance fraud are committed by an individual seeking compensation, insurance companies can also commit fraud. If an insurance company has refused to compensate you for what you deserve, you can take them to court. Our San Antonio private investigators can help gather the evidence you need to build a strong case.

Domestic and Infidelity Investigations

While snooping into the secret life of your loved one can be a daunting and painful task, a private investigator can make it easier on you. Hiring a private investigator allows you to discreetly uncover facts and information and determine the truth of the matter more quickly so that you are no longer in the dark.

Missing Person

A missing person is someone who has disappeared, usually for unknown reasons. Sometimes, people disappear intentionally. They may want to avoid paying child support or are avoiding a warrant for their arrest. Other times, they may be trying to escape a dangerous situation. Our personal investigators work to get to the root of the situation and, if possible, we will try to uncover the person’s motive for leaving and their current location.

Our private investigators will contact everyone who may know where the person is, including family members, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. We will also check local hospitals for John Does, see if the person is currently incarcerated, surveill online activity, check financial transactions, and more.

Partner With Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio

We understand that hiring a private investigator can be an emotionally fraught decision. Know that our professional, highly-trained team members are here to help. We will approach your situation in an unbiased way and utilize all the means accessible to gather the information you need. We pride ourselves on conducting discrete, law-abiding investigations. Contact us today for a free consultation.