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You need a team who’s experienced, ethical, reliable, and can deliver results. Since 2016, we’ve delivered exactly that. Reveles Intelligence Group is the clear choice for a wide variety of private investigation and security services in the San Antonio area.



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Mr. Lee is a prominent figure in the private investigation and security sector, highlighted by his foundational role in the United States Air Force and furthered by his academic accomplishments, including a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. As the driving force behind Reveles Intelligence Group, Mr. Lee has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in steering the firm's investigative and security operations across various states since its inception in 2016. Mr. Lee has adeptly led the company through complex investigative challenges, both domestically and internationally. His profound expertise in the nuances of the investigative process, coupled with a keen ability to manage and deploy resources effectively, showcases his dedication to upholding the highest standards of service. This expertise extends across a spectrum of investigative activities, from high-stakes international intelligence operations to nuanced domestic inquiries, underlining his versatile and dynamic approach to problem-solving.

Further embodying his dedication to elevating industry standards, Mr. Lee leads Reveles Academy LLC, an endeavor that showcases his commitment to advancing investigative, security and public safety through rigorous training and licensing programs. This commitment reflects his ambition to empower the next wave of professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success. Boasting a robust portfolio of credentials, including a Private Investigator license and expertise in protective detail operations, Mr. Lee’s career is a testament to a relentless pursuit of excellence. Through his significant contributions to high-profile investigations and educational initiatives, he has firmly established himself as a pivotal figure in shaping the evolution of the private security and investigation industries on a global scale.

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"Very Impressed"

Very impressed and happy with Nate’s work. Highly recommend him for security for events and private investigation. He is very knowledgeable. He is very communicative and reliable and honest. Again…we appreciate the work you did.


"Thorough And Professional"

Nate does thorough and professional work. High integrity and reliable service. Highly recommend!


"Amazing Job"

Did a wonder job on a private event I had. Would definitely go back and get his services again when I need them! Thank you again for an amazing job you did!


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