Conducting A Missing Person Investigation

According to to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, at any given moment, there are more than 90,000 people deemed missing in the United States — an overwhelming amount to say the least. The FBI’s National Crime Information Center also says that over 800,000 people on average are reported missing annually, and of them, the vast majority are minors. While this can be upsetting to hear for anyone, it is truly the family and friends of the missing who experience the most palpable feelings of fear and despair.

For family and friends of those who are missing, working with law enforcement to perform a missing person's investigation is often a double-edged sword. Yes, law enforcement has the experience and knowledge to conduct an investigation, but they are often limited to what they are capable of or permitted to do. Department budget constraints and resources are often a big deterrent to conducting thorough missing persons investigations.

Police do their best with the resources they have, but law enforcement simply is not equipped to deal with the crime rates today. It is because of these restraints that loved ones of the missing seek the assistance of a private investigator. A professional investigator will start looking for someone as soon as you feel uneasy, and they will continue to search as long as you are still in search of answers and results.

Who hires investigators to find missing persons?

You may be asking yourself, how do I know that it’s time to hire a private investigator to find a missing person? You might think your specific situation might not be applicable, but in fact, just about anyone can require the needs of a private investigator when someone is missing.

You can launch a missing person’s investigation to find:

  • Lost loved ones or family members who have voluntarily disappeared or run away.
  • Fugitives you need to find.
  • Debtors for your money.
  • Missing persons who have been gone a long time and are part of a cold case.
  • Runaways and minors who have been kidnapped.

Basically, if you are worried about someone's whereabouts and wish to locate someone who is not easy to find, a qualified missing persons investigator will be able to use advanced techniques to help find the person you are looking for.

At Reveles Intelligence, our private investigators in San Antonio know a thing or two about locating people. Below are just a few of the techniques our Department of Investigations applies to find those missing in the San Antonio area.


We Search License Plate Scanners

License plate scanners are everywhere. It seems like just about every road and toll has them. The use of license plate scanners has helped solve many crimes and find many missing people. Private investigators routinely use proprietary sources to obtain the data from license plate scanners. In fact, at Reveles Intelligence, our use of a license plate scanner has helped us to find fugitives who have been on the run for years.

We Search Online Databases

There are certain online databases that are only available to licensed private investigators. From criminal records to credit reports, private investigators can access a multitude of databases at once to find valuable information on missing persons last known whereabouts.

We Check Out Social Media

A skilled, tech-savvy private detective can still find private social media posts and profiles associated with a missing person. Even if the missing person has limited social media interaction, a skilled private investigator can use these platforms to identify people of interest and track their movements.

We Conduct Interviews

Very rarely do people disappear without a trace. Usually, someone somewhere saw something. As private investigators, it is our job to filter out who knows what. We take the time to interview and re-interview everyone involved, right down to the cashier who sold the missing person a pack of cigarettes on the day she/he went missing.

We Conduct Physical Searches

Whether by land, air, or sea, private investigators use a number of ways to search areas that the majority of people do not have access to when searching for a missing person.

We Perform Surveillance And Video Taping

Our private investigators can observe places where a missing person is likely to be based on track record or can observe and track a suspect in a missing persons case.

Hire The Best Private Investigators In San Antonio

We hope this has given you insight into how to thoroughly conduct a missing person investigation.If you need help finding a missing person in the San Antonio area, please don’t hesitate to hire a private investigator from Reveles Intelligence to help you locate the person. With our highly trained private investigators, you will receive constant updates on the progress of your case, and they will work alongside law enforcement to determine the whereabouts of your loved one until the case is closed. Give us a call today to learn more