A Day In The Life Of A PI: Part One

A large portion of the people and businesses of San Antonio that we consult with at Revels Intelligence Group are using the services of a private investigator for the first time, so we frequently get asked, “how does it work?”

The world of private investigation may seem like a mystery at times, especially since it has been convoluted and misinterpreted so much by today’s television shows. Because of this, it’s natural to feel dubious about hiring private investigation services when you feel you are in need of them. While the field of private investigation may seem shrouded and discreet, here at Revels Intelligence group, we want to shine a light on the daily life of a PI. We hope that by reading this blog, you find it’s not as confusing as it may appear and that you feel more confident in hiring a private investigator like us in San Antonio for your needed results.


Receiving An Inquiry

After contacting our private investigators, you’ll be contacted by one of our friendly team members who will talk you through the process and allow you to explain your situation and what you’re trying to achieve. This stage is completely free of charge, as we need to gather enough of the backstory and desired results in order to determine if our services are useful for your scenario. Once we determine if we can take on your case, we will take the relevant details over the phone or by email, and the team will then perform any additional research they need to prepare their strategy. All information is held in the strictest confidence, as we only share your details and information with another party upon your permission.

Getting Started

As with many cases in private investigations, time is of the essence. So if we agree to take on your case and you agree to the quotation and time frame, we waste no time getting to work.

Preparation is required for successful fieldwork, so our team of private investigators will do their background research in the early stages. Whether a missing person investigation, infidelity, or anything in between, we will gather all the relevant information about your case. In doing so, our team abides by all legal requirements and takes due diligence in ensuring our enquiries are discreet and confidential.

In The Field

Using a selection of modified vehicles, high-quality covert photography equipment, and body-worn cameras the team will gain photographs and videos without the subject ever knowing they were present. The evidence is then prepared and presented in a report showing a written log and time-stamped photographs of all the events that took place. Our reports are always of the utmost quality ensuring that nobody can dispute the events that are being described. Stay tuned for part two of the “Life of PI” in order to learn more about what goes into our work in the field as San Antonio’s Top Rated Local® private investigators.

Our team’s skill and expertise allows us to find the answers to your questions in a subtle and discreet manner, so whatever your concern may be, don’t assume the worst — find the truth with a private investigator.