3 Reasons To Hire A Security Service For Your Wedding

When you picture your perfect wedding day, you probably imagine flowers lining every surface, your partner’s glowing and potentially teary-eyed face, and the smiles of your friends and loved ones.

What you might not picture is a security detail, complete with earpieces, concealed weapons, and years of unarmed combatives training.

We know a full security service might not be a part of your wedding fairytale, but we also know the reality of security at big events.

Reasons To Have Security Service At Your Wedding

If you’re planning your wedding and any concerns about safety have crept into your mind, it’s worth considering a security service in San Antonio. To work with the Top Rated Local® private security service, contact Reveles Intelligence Group today.

Consider these reasons for hiring a security service for your wedding.

1. You’re Inviting A Few Characters

We all have quirky families. There’s the uncle who might drink a few too many rounds at the open bar; the aunt who has an estranged relationship with the uncle but who still needs to be invited; and even the parent/step-parent relationship that has never warmed.

While the idea of having a security service for potentially rowdy guests might seem like overkill, it’s really just a smart deterrent. If there’s even the slightest possibility that one or a few guests will inspire drama, violence, or belligerent behavior, there’s a need for security service.

At Reveles Intelligence Agency, our security guards are trained to recognize questionable behavior and interfere before it can even cause a scene.

2. You Care About Emergency Response

Again, we don’t want to think purely in worst-case scenarios. However, for any group of large gatherings, having trained responders in attendance is the responsible decision.

Whether it’s someone who choked on food, is too inebriated to function, or has fainted, having first responders and emergency personnel in the area can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a real issue.

Security guards are typically trained in CPR and first aid, and they have an understanding of crowd control. As such, they can intervene and hopefully stop the emergency from creating chaos.

3. You Anticipate Wedding Crashers

Some venues are as hard to infiltrate as Fort Knox. Other wedding venues, on the other hand, lend themselves to wedding crasher attendance. It might sound this only happens in the movies, but wedding crashing is a real issue — especially in the luxury wedding market.

For instance, if you’re having your event outside or in a public space (such as a hotel or garden), the wedding might lure in wedding crashers. Security guards are trained to recognize any suspicious or out-of-place behavior, so they’re more likely to notice and to quietly remove the intruders.


Reveles Intelligence Group In San Antonio

If you want to keep your wedding as safe and running as smoothly as possible, work with Reveles Intelligence Group. As the Top Rated Local® private security service in San Antonio, we provide top-notch security for events like weddings.

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