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The need to protect your congregants from harm is a reality in our contemporary world. Whether you worship in a church, mosque, or temple, sacred places have become targets for violent acts. It’s important to keep everyone who goes through your doors safe, and hiring professional security from Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio is one of the best ways to do so. Protecting you and everyone in your place of worship is our top priority. 

In today’s blog post, we’ll be providing some security tips for staying safe. If you choose to enlist our security services, we’ll listen closely to your needs and design a plan that works for your unique space and situation. Continue reading to learn a few general tips that anyone can use, and if you’re interested in learning more about our security services, contact us today.

Assess the Facility 

Different buildings require different security needs, and a big part of creating a security plan is assessing the existing security measures and assessing the space. Religious areas have a diverse population, and welcome new visitors with open arms. They can also consist of very different sizes, which can vary from week to week. For example, your security needs may be different during holy days and holidays than they would be at other times of the year.

When you assess the facility, be sure to take into consideration the layout and the flow of traffic through the space. You may need both video surveillance and a security guard. Or multiple security guards. Also, as you assess the space and your needs, it’s important to remember that not all threats come from people outside the community. To ensure that your space is safe, you need to consider all angles of threat — something that Reveles Intelligence Group can help with.

Develop a Security Plan

If you’re considering hiring professional security, it’s likely that you have a security plan in place or that you’re starting to build one now. After you assess the facility and your current level of security, it’s time to create a solid security plan. An effective security plan includes a combination of physical security measures and a high sense of awareness from both professional security guards and everyone who is regularly in the building. A plan must also be proactive, and take multiple potential outcomes into effect. Here are a few things to consider when making your plan:


  • Physical Barriers – physical security is the place where most religious organizations start. Install good locks, alarms, and, if you believe it is necessary to mitigate risk, you can install metal detectors to scan visitors on entry.
  • Security Professionals – most security plans include some sort of security. You may try to involve the local police, or hire professional security guards from Reveles Intelligence Group. Hiring a facility security office sends a message to potential offenders that the building and community is secure, deterring potential threats.


  • Monitoring System – cameras deter crime, and they also help with monitoring the boundaries of your facility, including the parking lot. They are a great tool for security guards as well, as they can provide us with multiple sets of “eyes.”

You should also have guidelines in place for child protection, evacuation procedures, and safeguarding money. Teaching staff members how to be vigilant and keep an eye out for threats is also a great way of supporting your more formal security plan. Our security guards have extensive training and experience and are able to create uniquely tailored security plans to protect your place of worship. For example, if you have children in a religious ed classroom away from their parents, we’ll create a special evacuation and protection plan for them.

Community Engagement

After you’ve created your plan and gathered the necessary personnel and equipment, it’s time to involve your congregation. Asking for volunteers to join a security committee is a great place to start. You can involve them in helping implement the plan and organize training for members. Be sure to let your members know that maintaining a safe space is everyone’s job — just like knowing where the exits are and how to respond to other emergency situations. Post security guidelines where community members can access them, and if you’ve implemented new procedures like physical barriers or cameras, it’s a good idea to let your congregation know. Be transparent and honest about the risks you see and let everyone know why you have created the security plan and how exactly it is keeping them safe. If you’ve chosen to hire professional security, you can also introduce them to the members! 

Regularly Update Your Plan

Security is an ongoing job, and you don’t get to stop thinking about it after you’ve followed the steps outlined above. In order to keep your space safe, you need to return to the security plan, continue engaging and educating your community, and changing your plan as needed. Our professional security company can help with reassessing and updating your plan. However, you should know that threats can change all the time. If you have a decade-old security plan posted on the wall, it’s not going to be inline with the current threats that places of worship face today. Security committees should review the plan at least twice a year to see if there are any loopholes. Remember, your security plan is what will help, or even save, your community in times of need.

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