Can I use Thumbtack, Yelp, and other Online Bidding Platforms to find a PI?

If you are looking to hire a Private Investigator, we recommend you stay away from these platforms. Yes, we know these platforms do a ton of advertising and have many believing they can ensure you choose a great contractor for your project. While this may be true for getting your deck replaced, it is typically not where you are going to find your major investigative agencies. If you do find a couple of the major investigative agencies on these sites, they are unlikely to place a lot of initial urgency into your case. Historically, these platforms are cluttered with investigative requests that tend to be on the illegal side or “shoppers” and thus inquiries can quickly be discarded for more professional sources. Typically, most of the Private Investigators relying on these platforms tend to be brand new companies with little experience. These platforms also tend to include a number of unlicensed individuals and thus legitimate ones with established clients and reputations tend to stay clear.

If you are still determined to use one of these platforms, do a little research. Investigative agencies on one of these platforms may also be association members or have a strong online presence outside of these platforms. I recommend you contact them through a different method.

Private Investigators are not typically worried about turning away cases and often do so every month. There is no guarantee one of the good investigation agencies will take your case and thus you should ensure that they take you and your case seriously from the start.