Why Yacht Security Is Worth Every Penny

As a yacht owner, you understand that owning a yacht costs a lot more than the price you bought it for. Along with regular maintenance, you also have expenses like crew, fuel, dockage, and more. Your boat, and the lifestyle it comes with, is worth it! But our security service professionals want you to know that part of your yacht upkeep costs should be hiring a security agency to protect you and your floating home away from home!


In today’s post, we’ll be looking at the intricacies of yacht security — which comes with it’s own unique challenges. And we’ll also show you why yacht security is worth every penny. If you’re a yacht or superyacht owner in San Antonio or the surrounding area, contact us today to learn how Revels Intelligence Group can help you coast the waves with calm and peace of mind only a professional security company can provide.

Electronic Security

In today’s digital world, electronic security is vital to protecting your assets. Your yacht may have less security than your home, but that doesn’t mean it should. A yacht can, and should, be outfitted with security cameras, and even wireless signal jammers, safe rooms, and ship armor that can be deployed electronically in under a minute.

You can also invest in underwater sonar detection systems, which will help you identify any divers or underwater vehicles like a submarine. Some megayachts also use the Long Range Acoustic Device, which uses pain-inducing sound beams to drive away invaders. We recommend hiring professional security service rather than further contributing to ocean noise pollution.

Personal Protection

Personal security is still an option for you at sea. Your personal security officer can be with you through your entire day, providing you with security without disrupting your activities.

Our professionals can protect you from theft, kidnapping, assault, and prevent unwanted attention — just as we would on land. We can also help apply first aid in the event of a medical emergency.

If you’re interested in hiring personal security on land or at sea, contact Revels Intelligence Group today.

Protect From Drones And Paparazzi

More and more yacht owners are using drone detection and defeat systems, which can identify drones and provide the security officer with their GPS position. Some systems can also find the pilot’s position as well. If the drone approaches an exclusion zone surrounding the yacht, the control signal will be blocked, which forces it to return to its user.

Paparazzi utilize drones to take photographs of celebrities and other influential people on yachts. If you’re planning on a large event on your yacht or are taking out someone who would rather not be photographed, we highly suggest you invest in a drone detection and defeat security system. Don’t let your party be ruined by invasive photographers!

Protect From Pirates

Piracy worries people, but pirates are a real threat to yacht owners. Piracy is a type of armed robbery at sea and modern day pirates hijack ships using mortar-mounted speedboats and carrying weapons. If you’re traveling through the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, through the Strait of Malacca, or off the Somali coast, you are highly at risk for a pirate attack.

It is possible to prepare your yacht for a pirate attack, though, and it starts with using all of the security methods we’ve described above. For maximum security, you’ll need to hire personal security for everyone on your vessel, outfit the ship with a variety of electronic security systems, and detect drones or other potential threats. Your yacht should also be equipped with a lockable, watertight citadel where you and your crew can be locked within if pirates do indeed board your vessel.

Reveles Intelligence Group

Our mission in everything we do is safety, security, and professionalism — including our security services for yachts and superyachts. Nate Lee, our founder, is a veteran and served overseas in Afghanistan performing private security operations. We also provide a security services beyond yacht security, including domestic investigations, surveillance, DNA analysis, insurance fraud, estate security, and more.

We’ll help you protect your assets — and yourself. Partner with us in San Antonio, and put our fifteen years experience to work for you. Contact us today to get started.