Why Corporate Security Matters

As the owner, operator, or general manager of a company or corporate subsidiary, you know how important maintaining a safe workplace is, especially if you work in a field that conducts research, handles intellectual property, carries large sums of cash on-premise, or operates in some other sensitive field.

Sometimes, basic security measures like I.D. badges, scan cards, and security cameras are enough of a deterrent to meet your needs or regulatory standards, but in some situations, actually on-site security guards — armed or unarmed — are an important part of your corporate security prevention and response plans.

In today’s post from the security service experts at Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio, we will cover some of the main reasons we recommend considering a corporate security service like ours for your business.

Read on to learn more, or you can get in touch with us to discuss the details, needs, and conditions of your corporate security needs with an expert advisor on our staff today.

Protection Of Your Assets

While the assets in question may vary from organization to organization, there is no denying that your company’s assets are what keep the cash flowing, and therefore, are the single most important possession you have.

Whether your company is in research and development, works with large sums of cash, or houses large quantities of products to be distributed to your wholesalers and retailers, keeping these assets protected from damage, theft, and destruction should be at the top of your priority list.

Protection Of Your Property

You have a tremendous investment made in the property that you do your business on. From warehouses to laboratories to storefronts where services can be delivered and business transactions made, your property houses and allows for the logistics you require to keep business going and growing.

To maximize your ability to thrive as a company, you need to ensure that your property is secure from vandalism, intrusion, and debilitating damage. A dedicated team of corporate security guards can ensure that your place of business is safe from people and situations that threaten your ability to conduct business-as-usual.


Protection Of Your Employees

The ideas, the good, and the structures that create the framework of what you do mean little without the people who you employ. These bodies and minds provide the actual means of turning a profit through fabrication of goods, development of new products, and services rendered to your customers.

Keeping employees safe is a crucial responsibility that you have as an employer, but there’s more to it than that. When people don’t feel completely secure in their work environment for any reason, they can be distracted, worried, and stressed out unnecessarily.

By providing corporate security services to protect the people who make your business go, you can provide the peace of mind they need to stay focused, which can improve worker productivity and improve your bottom line.

Common Types Of Effective Corporate Security Measures

When it comes to creating an effective security plan for your corporate environment, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, there are some common elements that you’ll see come up time and time again as you talk to security service providers about what they can offer you.

Security Guards – Security guards provide visible deterrents to threats through patrols, static checkpoints, and reserve personnel in an on-site response center. Depending on your needs, armed security guards might be needed, and not all security services companies are licensed to provide them.

Security Devices – Cameras, scan cards, metal detectors, and other security devices are an excellent way to augment any corporate security plan, however, on their own, they provide a fairly porous screen that determined individuals can typically bypass, especially if setting off alarms or being caught on camera is of little concern to them because they know there is no on-site presence to actually stop them from achieving their objectives.

Off-Duty Law Enforcement – Off-duty law enforcement is an excellent way to make sure that you have a highly-trained security officer on-site. However, even compared to the costs of working with a professional, licensed security services team, the overtime pay that off-duty officers get can become prohibitively expensive very quickly.

Rovers & Patrols – Roving security of patrols, either on foot or in vehicles, is an excellent deterrent for property security. The combination of the two is highly recommended as patrols, while predictable, ensure that vital areas are regularly monitored, and roving security guards provide an element of unpredictability that can ruin even the best-laid plans of an intruder.

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