Top Reasons To Hire A Private Investigator

While many of us would like to believe that the world is a safe place, the fact of the matter is that it is filled with dishonesty, fraud, and corruption.

Unfortunately, there are people in this world with harmful intentions that have led to the need for private investigations in a wide variety of situations for both individuals and corporations alike.

There are many threats that can occur whether physically, emotionally, or financially which require the expert assistance and advice of a private investigator.

Infidelity, investment scams, false resumes, fake companies, identity theft, romance scams, and corporate espionage are just a few of the multitude of threats that we run into here in San Antonio, and our clients rely on our private investigators to minimize their risk and gather clear and unquestionable evidence.

In today’s world, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and get the facts with a thorough private investigation.

The following are just a few of the countless reasons that exist in today’s day and age to hire a private investigator from a professional security company like our Top Rated Local® Private Investigators at Reveles Intelligence in San Antonio. If you are in need of any of the investigative services you find below, reach out to us to get a free consultation.

Business Background Checks

A business, much like a person, has a history. It contains a culture that it presents to the world, but it may not always represent what is underneath the surface. Private investigators can research into businesses to determine if they are a reputable entity, so you can determine whether or not you or your company should choose to do business with them.

Premarital Background Checks

Especially in the ever-growing world of online dating, it’s important to be cautious about who you are getting involved with when it comes to new relationships and preparing for marriage. People keep secrets, and that is where a private investigator can be of benefit in helping to uncover what your new partner could be keeping from you. Unfortunately, we have bared witness to countless scenarios where someone has been keeping secrets about their past from their partner or even been lying about their true identity. Our clients rely on us to verify identification, employment, education, criminal, and court records of their significant others so that they know whether or not they can trust their newly-found Mr. or Ms. Perfect.

Employment Background Checks

Whether you are hiring internationally or locally, false CV and backgrounds are an all-too-common occurrence, and they can put you and your company at risk. Sadly, checking criminal backgrounds alone is no longer suitable for ensuring that you are hiring only the highest-quality employees. Our private investigators verify employment candidates in detail — helping you to discern if a potential employee is qualified and competent prior to committing to a new hire.


Child Custody Cases

If you are looking for ways to win majority custody of your child, a private investigator could be of great benefit to you. Winning a child custody case involves uncovering irrevocable facts that are compelling and admissible in the courtroom. A Private investigator can serve as a witness in your custody case to assist in confirming evidence to be factual that otherwise would be difficult to prove on your own. Having a private investigator assist you in the court process can make a tricky child custody case much simpler.

Identity Theft

A growing problem in today’s world — identity theft occurs when the personal information of someone is stolen, and the thief then commits criminal acts under the person’s identity. Millions of dollars are lost each year in the United States due to identity fraud, and it can take years to repair victims’ credit after an identity theft occurs. A private investigator can not only aid in determining who stole your identity, but also develop a report to bring forward to the local law enforcement. Private investigators can also assist you in developing strategies to prevent identity theft from occurring for those who feel they are at risk.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud occurs when an individual intentionally commits an act with the intent to reap the insurance benefits that they can receive from their provider. This is a problem that costs insurance companies millions, if not billions, of dollars a year. The types of insurance fraud can range from stretching the truth of scenarios to intentionally committing acts of injury or damage. With a private investigator, you can uncover the truth and avoid forking out insurance claims that are unjustified. We can track those who are injured to determine whether or not their injuries are as severe as claimed and even check to see if a person is living that is claimed to be deceased.

Criminal Investigations

If you’ve ever had to deal with a criminal investigation in the past, you are probably aware that law enforcement does not always succeed in providing you with results for your case due to limited resources and the heightened rates of crime. In interstate and international criminal cases, they also face jurisdictional obstacles hindering them from being able to successfully handle your case without having to jump through hoops and passing your case along to other law enforcers. This is why hiring a private investigator from a reputable security company can be much more efficient in solving your criminal investigation. Having one team of professional investigators to handle your case ensures a more simple process with streamlined communication in order to get you results faster.


Domestic and Infidelity Investigations

While snooping into the secret life of your loved one can be a daunting and painful task, a private investigator can make it easier on you. Hiring a private investigator allows you to discreetly uncover facts and information and determine the truth of the matter more quickly so that you are no longer in the dark. With video surveillance and photographic evidence, you will have all you need to prove your partner’s lack of loyalty.

Missing Person Investigations

Similar to a criminal investigation, depending merely on the resources and capabilities of law enforcement in a missing person investigation can leave you waiting in vain. With a private investigator, you will receive constant updates on the progress of your case, and they will work alongside law enforcement to determine the whereabouts of your loved one until the case is closed.

While these are just a few of the myriad scenarios that could call for the hiring of a private investigator for reliable results, our team at Revels Intelligence Group hopes that you will reach out if you feel you may require the assistance of a private investigator for any variety of reasons in the San Antonio area.

Our team of experts is fully licensed with over fifteen years of experience in private investigation, and we have handled every type of case imaginable. When you partner with us, you will not only receive the evidence and results that you need, but a dedicated team that goes above and beyond to make the investigative process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.