Qualities To Look For In A Professional Bodyguard For Executive Protection

Do you need to hire professional executive protection services or, in other words, a personal bodyguard? When it comes to trusting a security company or individual with such an important task, there are certain qualities that you should search out in your ideal candidate for the job. Here at Reveles Intelligence Group of San Antonio, we provide bodyguard services for all sorts of needs in Texas, and we want to share with you the key elements that make for a professional and effective personal bodyguard.

For starters, you might be curious to what exactly an executive protection officer, or personal bodyguard, entails exactly. These are professionals trained to protect high profile individuals, such as corporate executives, political office holders, celebrities, or other individuals of high status, net worth, or affiliation who may be exposed to elevated personal risk. These personal bodyguards accompany executive individuals through their day to day activities, keep surveillance on their surroundings, mitigate risk, and protect them from life-threatening scenarios — all while keeping a low profile and remaining unobtrusive to the life of the person they are dedicated to protecting.

If you are an executive that believes it might be time to hire a personal bodyguard to mitigate the potential risk and danger for yourself and your assets, you need to hire an executive protection professional that is no stranger to danger and has expert training along with your best interests in mind. If you are in need of bodyguard services in the San Antonio area, Contact Reveles. If you are elsewhere, the following are the core attributes to look for in who you hire for bodyguard services:


Military Training and Experience

Since the main responsibility of your bodyguard is protection, it is essential for them to have some element of active military, police, or other security-related experience. A bodyguard who has this experience will quickly adapt to working with you and will easily perform their key duties — “observe, detect, deter, and report.”

Good Communication Skills

A good executive protection professional must have very good communication skills – verbal, gestural, and otherwise. They must communicate effectively, confidently, and accurately, along with having superior listening skills. Without these skills, a bodyguard can easily misconstrue assignments and make costly mistakes.

Good Writing Skills

Not often thought of yet just as imperative, any executive protection professional must also have good writing skills as they will regularly deal with reports, memos, emails, and other written materials throughout their career.

Customer Service Experience

Outside of keeping you from harm’s way, your bodyguard will spend a great deal of time answering calls, attending to your guests, and so forth, meaning they need to make excellent first impressions on your behalf in many cases. Be sure to hire a bodyguard with very good human relation skills and professional courtesy to help you establish a good reputation.

Good Judgment and Decision-Making Skills

An ideal executive protection professional must know how to deal with a multitude of different scenarios from bad behavior to full-blown crises and attacks against you or your personal assets. They must act fast and professionally, knowing exactly what needs to be done in a number of different circumstances to ensure your safety. This takes great judgment, which is a major aspect of any successful bodyguard.

Stay tuned for more attributes that comprise an effective personal bodyguard or executive protection officer.