Protect Yourself From Cyber Security Risks

Here at Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio, our days are spent assessing and responding to risk. Along with providing close protection to your clients, we also have a branch of investigation services, including private investigators. Sometimes, people hire our private investigators to hunt down people who have committed fraud or embezzlement. We are able to hunt down a money trail and discover both who committed the crime and how it took place.

In our digital age, fraud is often committed online, which is why in today’s post we’ll be sharing how you can protect yourself from cyber security risks. Whether you’re a business owner or an average citizen, understanding how cyber fraud occurs and what you can do to prevent it gives you the power to protect yourself. We’re committed to making things safer for clients, in whatever way we can, from personal protection to online protection, we’re here for you. Get in touch today.

Set Secure Passwords

It may seem like a given, but the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from cyber security risks is to set a strong password and not share it with anyone. Avoid using common words or including personal information. Don’t use your passwords for multiple accounts and update it regularly.

Keep Software Up To Date

Security updates are available for free for most companies and individuals. Your providers don’t want a security breach either — it damages their credibility. Make sure you aren’t missing updates for your operating system, browser, anit-virus, and any other programs you may have.

Avoid Sending Personal Info Via Email

Our private investigators want to stress, if you are sharing personal information, especially something as sensitive as bank information or your social security number, you should do so in person or over a secure platform. It’s also difficult to determine if the email itself is from the company or the individual you are in contact with or if it is someone trying to steal your identity.

Pay Attention To URLs

There are a lot of malicious websites out there, and you need to be careful to avoid a virus or other cyber security threat. You may think that you are visiting one site, but it’s another, more insidious site mimicking the original. These sites can use a variation in common spelling or a .net instead of a .com to deceive users.

Never Open Attachments

Of course you should open the document your colleague is sending you or the photos from your daughter, but if you’ve received an email from a company or retailer, do not open any attachments. You should really only be receiving emails with links from businesses, and attachments are a sign of something potentially dangerous.


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