Personal Security While Traveling

Even though the coronavirus pandemic is making it difficult to travel, when restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to travel, a lot of people are going to be buying plane tickets! Before you go, though, it’s important to keep some safety tips in mind. In today’s blog post, our professional security and private investigation company is sharing some general personal safety tips for traveling. If you’re an executive, celebrity, or concerned for your safety, you should consider hiring close protection while traveling. If you’re interested in hiring us for close protection or would like to learn more about our services, contact Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio today.

Avoid Using Public WiFi

Public WiFi is incredibly easy to hack, and if your information (such as banking information) is stored on your smartphone or laptop, thieves can access it while you’re using WiFi. This is a vital way to protect yourself online, and should be considered at all times, even when you’re not out on the road! You can get a portable router or set up your own WiFi hotspot while traveling.

Don’t Post Location Or Agenda Online

While traveling, it’s tempting to keep your social media connections in the loop by posting pictures and saying where you’ll be going next. However, it’s much safer if you refrain from doing so until you return home. If you can’t resist, at least wait until the next day. You should also disable geotagging on pictures (a smart electronic security move in general).

Bring Only What You Need

If you’re traveling abroad, only bring your passport – leave any sensitive documents like your social security card at home. Also, when you go out, don’t bring all of your credit and debit cards, choose to carry only one or two, and lock up the others in a hotel safe or other secure location.

Monitor Your Bank Account

Many people trust their bank to catch suspicious activity on their accounts or credit cards, but it’s your money, and you should be keeping tabs on your finances! When you’re traveling, try to check in once a day and see if things are looking ok (just don’t do so on public WiFi!).

Memorize Or Write Down Emergency Info

If you have a problem while traveling, you might not have time to search for the number of local police or ambulance services. Instead, record that info in advance and have an emergency plan to follow if things go badly.

Get Insurance

If you’re really worried about the safety of your possessions and yourself while you travel, getting travel insurance can help you relax. If you’re traveling with expensive technology, like a camera or computer, and are worried about them getting stolen, insure them before you go! And it should go without saying, but be sure to get travel health insurance. No matter how safe you think you’ll be, emergencies happen, and you need to protect yourself as best you can.


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