Missing Person Investigation: Our Process

A missing person causes emotional strife, stress, and intense worry about whether your loved one is safe. Sometimes when you are working with police, you can feel that they aren’t doing enough. Law enforcement officers have a lot of causes they are working on, but a private investigator is focused on you and your particular case. We are committed to listening to your story and your needs. Our professionals here at Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio often are able to move more quickly, but we work alongside law enforcement to support your case. We work to determine where your loved one is until the case is closed.

A private investigator can help you find missing people who have voluntarily disappeared or run away, fugitives, and even debtors who owe you money. We can use a variety of resources to find missing persons that the average person simply does not have access to. We also have the time and impartiality to conduct a full investigation. When someone goes missing, we believe that you should be able to focus on healing and finding support from others. In today’s post, we’ll be giving you more information about how we conduct our missing person investigations. And if you’re interested in learning more about our private investigators other services we offer, like security services and bodyguards, get in touch with us today.

Gather Information

The first few days of a missing person’s investigation are vital to get the information, and bread crumbs that are necessary to find the person you are looking for. If someone you love has left on their own volition, then you should contact Reveles Intelligence Group private investigators as soon as possible. Not only is the information fresh, people’s memory of the events are also more likely to be accurate.

More so, the missing person may be in danger, and if we can find them sooner, the more likely it is that we can help them. For especially vulnerable people, like children, those with mental illness, or older people, our private investigators can help them and keep them safe.

Contact Anyone Who Knows The Individual

The first step we take is contact every person that the individual has been in contact with and who may have information about the missing person. This is a very time- and labor-intensive process, and best done by a private investigator.


Check Common Locations

Local Hospitals and Clinics

The missing person you are looking for may be injured and not want to, or are unable to, inform their loved ones. Our private investigators contact hospitals and medical clinics in the San Antonio region. If they are unidentified, we look for John and Jane Does.

Local Prisons and Jails

It is possible that your missing person was arrested or had a run-in with the law. Our private investigators thoroughly check all prisons and jails and look to see if your missing person has been arrested or incarcerated.

Check Online Activity

In today’s world, one of the best tools we have at our disposal is the internet. Most people have some online presence, whether posting information on their own or through other information from legal and government sources.

Social Media Activity

A skilled private investigator, like the professionals at Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio, can find even private social media posts. And even if the missing person has limited social media interaction, we can track down other individuals who may be close to the missing person and use that information to track their movements.

Online Databases

Some online databases are available only to private investigators, and we can use those databases to search for your missing person. We can look at criminal records, credit reports, and a multitude of other online databases that we use to locate the person you are looking for.

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