How Private Investigators Learn Things

Most people have a clear idea of what private investigators (PIs) do thanks to movies and TV shows. That being said, what you see on TV is fiction, not reality. Here at Reveles Intelligence Group based in San Antonio, we offer a wide variety of private investigation and security services. Below, we'll take a look at how we, as PIs, learn things. Contact us to get started today!

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man performing interview

Interviewing and Questioning Individuals

A large part of the work of private investigators is interviewing and questioning individuals. Your job is to get the target to trust you enough to tell you the information you are seeking on behalf of your client. PIs usually do this by beginning with chit-chat and going from there. Pro tip: it helps if alcohol is involved. It calms the subject down and leads them to lower their guard a bit.

man in car taking photos

Stakeout and Surveillance

Depending on what job you have been asked to do for your client, you may have to perform stakeouts and surveillance. Your job is to gather evidence, and the number one rule is to never take your eye off your target. That one glimpse away is when you can lose them.

man in suit tailing someone

Tailing a Target

Here, you may have to follow a target to see where they are headed. This can be dangerous simply because it involves a moving vehicle, and if you get stopped at a red light, you may have to start all over.

magnifying glass

Reviewing Records, Security Footage, and Even the Internet

Sometimes, you'll be required to document where a target was at certain times or to follow a paper trail in the case of fraud. This will require a lot of digging up of information. You'll have to review records, security footage, and even social media channels to develop a timeline for your customer of your target's whereabouts.


From domestic and child custody investigations to background checks, insurance fraud, and financial asset investigations, our experienced team can help you gather the information you need. Call us to get started today!