Duties Of A Bodyguard

People hire bodyguards for a variety of reasons, but no matter your situation you should understand the services that you will receive. Bodyguards provide much more than general security. We’re highly trained professionals, and our duties are complex. Continue reading to learn more about the duties of a bodyguard, and if you’re interested in learning more about the bodyguard services we offer our San Antonio community, contact Reveles Intelligence Group today.


Be Visible

One of the most important parts of a bodyguard’s job is to be clearly visible. Being visible deters attacks and criminals will think twice about approaching someone with an on-duty bodyguard nearby. In fact, being visible is one of the best ways our Reveles Intelligence Group bodyguards prevent theft, personal injury, and other dangerous acts from happening to our clients.

Be Vigilant

Our job as a bodyguard is to be vigilant and aware of anything out of the ordinary that may mean harm. We are trained to detect sounds like someone trying to open a door and we can quickly interpret what we see, smell, and hear.

If you’ve been worried about your safety, you understand how tense and tiring it can be to stay vigilant every time you are out in public. When you have a bodyguard, you can focus on more important things, knowing that we will keep you safe. Let us be your eyes and ears, keeping you safe with professional protection services.

Respond Quickly

If we do detect a threat, we act quickly to control the situation. Our bodyguards are trained to respond to crisis in a way that protects you while de-escalating the situation. We practice responding to dangerous situations so that in case of a crisis we know how to react and how to react fast. It can be difficult to predict how you will react in a crisis situation, but our bodyguards have practice over and over again to ensure that they will be able to handle a variety of crisis situations. More so, the founder of Reveles Intelligence is a veteran with experience overseas and extensive crisis-management training.

Respond Correctly

It doesn’t matter how fast a bodyguard reacts if they don’t do so correctly. Someone who is untrained is likely to respond in a way that makes the situation even more unsafe and could cause harm to themselves and others. We know how to use force in a way to subdue, rather than harm.

Write Accurate Reports

Part of being a professional bodyguard is writing accurate reports to provide the appropriate authorities. Reveles Intelligence Group professionals are not police officers, but in the event of a crime, we can provide reports and valuable information to the San Antonio police.

Get Help

During very dangerous situations like a fire, armed robbery, or assaults with a weapon, we need to call professionals. Our bodyguards would never be foolhardy enough to assume we can handle every single situation on our own. By getting help, we can prevent loss of lives or property.

Offer Safety Tips

Part of the job of a bodyguard is to help teach you, our client, how to stay safe. We will give you advice on how to prevent security-threatening situations as well as the consequences of ignoring that advice. You are, of course, free to do whatever you like, and we will do our absolute best to protect you. But if there are actions you can take to limit your risk, we will encourage you to take those actions.

Perform Other Special Duties

Each person who hires a bodyguard has unique reasons to do so. And those individual situations may lead to the bodyguard needing to perform special duties other than those listed above. Schedule a consultation with Reveles Intelligence Group to discuss your situation and the bodyguard services you’re looking for.

Reveles Intelligence Group San Antonio

Our mission in everything we do is safety, security, and professionalism — including our bodyguard services. Nate Lee, our founder, is a veteran and served overseas in Afghanistan performing private security operations. We are a member of the United States Association of Professional Investigators, the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, and the Better Business Bureau.

When you choose to partner with us, you’ll be able to put our 15 years of industry and real-world experience to work for you. Contact us today to get started.