Cost-Effective Residential Security Solutions

Did you know that a burglary happens every 26 seconds? Burglars are most attracted to homes without a security system. In fact, homes with no security measures are three times more likely to be broken into than those who have taken measures to protect themselves.

For most people, a cookie-cutter residential security system is the extent of their security measures. While that’s a great start (and more than most!) there are some other cost-effective security measures you can take to protect yourself. Continue reading to learn more, and if you believe there is a larger threat to your security, consider hiring close protection from Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio.

Display Warning Signs

We’ve all see bright orange “Private Property” signs around the perimeter of yards, but do they work? The answer is — sometimes! For a petty criminal, this simple deterrent may be enough to make them pass by your house and move onto a neighbor’s. If you have installed a security system, you can put out a sign that warns potential intruders that you have taken measures to protect your property and that they should stay away.

Motion Lighting

Security lighting that turns on when someone moves towards an access point not only protect you when you’re taking out the trash at night, but are also a great deterrent for those trying to break in at night. They’re especially good for times when you’re away from home, as they can alert your neighbors to an intruder.

Put A Lock On Your Garage

You should be putting more valuable items like bikes, grills, and lawnmowers inside a garage or shed. Or, if you don’t have a way to put them inside, lock them to something immobile. It’s easy to throw a grill in the back of a truck and when you want o bbq, you’ll be sorry you didn’t take the small step to secure it!

Record Serial Numbers

Have a list of serial numbers for valuables like electronics such as large TVs, laptops, and firearms. Take photographs of things that don’t have serial numbers, like jewelry. Doing so will help you track them down if they get stolen or resold.


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