6 Types Of People Who Should Hire A Bodyguard

If you’re in need of protection from assault, kidnapping, stalking, or other dangerous threats, then it’s time to hire a bodyguard.

Our fifteen years of industry experience has taught us that most people believe that a bodyguard is primarily for intimidation, or just a physical barrier against those who wish to do harm. If that were the case, we’d tell you to ask your largest friend to stand beside you in places you don’t feel safe!

Our professionals at Reveles Intelligence Group in San Antonio have a particular set of skills that the average person simply does not possess. The job of a professional, personal bodyguard is complex, and something you should seriously consider if you are constantly afraid for your safety. Contact us today to learn more.

In today’s blog, we’re discussing who may need to hire a bodyguard. Continue reading to see if you fit in one of these categories.

CEOs And Executives

CEOs and executives receive legitimate threats to their safety on a regular basis. Because they are in control of companies that are potentially worth millions — or billions — of dollars, criminals believe that they can blackmail them. CEOs may also need to protect themselves from angry former employees or corporate crimes.

CEOs are public figures and have a high net worth as well as information about the business they run. If you’re visiting public places or entering spaces where you feel unsafe (like a large public rally) you should hire a personal bodyguard to protect you.

If you are a CEO or executive of a company, understand that emails, social media posts, or letters are very real threats. Don’t write them off as just part of the job. Hire a Reveles Intelligence Group professional to investigate and protect you.


People Who Transport Money And Other Valuables

If you transport large amounts of cash or other valuables for your living, you understand that you are a target for theft. A bodyguard can protect you through the entire process of picking up and dropping off the valuables. You may think that an armored vehicle will protect you, but a bodyguard gives you an extra pair of eyes and is trained to detect suspicious behavior.

Lottery Winners

If you’ve won the lottery, it’s highly likely that people know your name and have seen your picture. Being in the public eye — especially after coming into a great deal of money — can bring threats to your safety. Hiring a personal bodyguard, especially for the months directly following your winning, can help you feel more safe. You should be celebrating, not worrying about being kidnapped or extorted.

Domestic Violence Survivors

Many of the people who hire a bodyguard are victims of domestic violence who are trying to escape from their abuser. Anyone who has been in the unfortunate situation of needing to file a restraining order knows that they can be broken — especially when the person with the order against them is violent.

The abuser may try to push the boundaries of the court order by following the survivor, leaving covert messages, or asking others they know to intimidate the person. No one should have to live in fear, especially those escaping an abuser. Hiring a bodyguard can give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on healing.

Witnesses To Crimes

If you are a witness to a crime — especially a violent crime — people who are involved in the case may threaten you. You will mostly likely be a witness or provide testimony that can put someone behind bars. The family, friends, and associates of the defendant have motivation to threaten you and make you feel unsafe in hopes that they can pressure you not to testify.

Those With Extreme Wealth

There’s a reason you see celebrities and politicians walking with their bodyguards — wealth gives you a target on your back. Thieves target wealthier individuals, communities, and residences because there’s more to be gained in a short heist.

You also have people who are jealous or dislike you. They may think you came about your wealth in unfair or unethical ways. They may be angry that you inherited wealth while they were less fortunate or were born into a lower social class. Whatever the situation, private security like a body guard can provide you with safety and peace of mind. You should be able to live your life without fear.

Reveles Intelligence Security In San Antonio

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