4 Things Your PI Cannot Do

When you hire a private investigator (PI), it’s important to know what they can and cannot do within the bounds of the law.

At Reveles Intelligence Group, we have PIs in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio who can help you with a variety of services. However, there are things a PI cannot do, such as access private photos, hack personal devices, or enter private property. If you have questions or want to learn more about our private investigation services, please contact us today.

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Gain Access to Private Photos Without Authorization

While the majority of private detective work is done physically, such as surveillance, there is also a digital investigative aspect to it. A PI can look at a person’s public online presence, but they cannot access private photos on anyone’s social media accounts without authorization. Private photos cannot be counted on as evidence of fraud, infidelity, or any other offense.

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Gain Access to Phone Records

Phone records are also private, and a PI cannot access them to see call history, phone numbers, or any other personal information. If you’re concerned about a cheating spouse or missing child, you’ll need to have your private detective work on finding other information through sources other than phone records.

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Hack Any Devices

A PI also cannot hack any person’s personal devices, such as their smartphone or laptop, in order to monitor texts, emails, and other messages. There are laws surrounding digital privacy, and when you hire a private investigator, it’s important to know that they cannot and will not hack into anyone’s personal device.

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Enter a Private Residence Without Authorization

A PI can provide surveillance on a home or business, but they cannot enter a private location without authorization. They can gather information based on their surveillance and provide you with that information so you can make a decision on what to do next, but a PI cannot enter a location to obtain evidence or confirmation of your suspicions.

If you need a private investigator in Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, please contact us today. We’ll discuss our services with you and help you make the best decision regarding your situation.