About Reveles Intelligence Group

Mr. Lee is a United States Air Force Veteran who spent time overseas supporting U.S. military and private security operations in Afghanistan. He conducted Counter IED Procedures, Instructed Chemical Weapons Response classes and trained in armed and unarmed defensive tactics. Furthermore, he conducted military classified asset investigations while controlling, securing and recovering such assets. He received formal education in Criminal Law, the American Legal System, and Terrorism while becoming familiar with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) designed to manage Critical Incident Operations throughout the Nation.

Prior to founding Reveles Intelligence Group, Mr. Lee trained for Local and National Terrorism response while conducting investigations into “Home-Grown” terrorism throughout the United States.

Education: M.S. in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University.
​ B.A. in Homeland Security/Counter Terrorism from Saint Leo University.

Mr. Lee focused his graduate education on further developing skills in Crime Scene Investigation and Management, Bloodstain Patterns, Forensic Digital Photo Imaging, Fingerprint Recovery, Forensic Footwear Evidence, Firearm and Tool Mark Examinations, Forensic Interview and Interrogation, Counter-Terrorism and Investigation Methods. 

​Mr. Lee is a member of the United States Association of Professional Investigator

Mr. Lee is a member of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

Full Service Texas Private Investigation and Security Agency

​                                                                      LIC# C01066901


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When facing litigation, the outcome of your case will hinge on fact finding information and the ability of your attorney to get this information in a timely manner. 


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"Trust but Verify”. Whether you are interviewing candidates for a position at your place of business, or any other scenario regarding trust, it can be vital in understanding the past of any individual. 

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​​The art of Surveillance can be necessary for several different reasons and is often required under the scope of many different types of investigations. 

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