1. Photo of people standing in an office building by Charles Forerunner on Unsplash

    Duties of a Security Guard

    Here at Reveles Intelligence Group, we take the job of safeguarding your security extremely seriously. Our private security company is proud to serve our San Antonio community and we’re here to deter potential criminals and eliminate your fears. If you’re looking for unmatched security for offic…Read More

  2. Duties Of A Bodyguard

    People hire bodyguards for a variety of reasons, but no matter your situation you should understand the services that you will receive. Bodyguards provide much more than general security. We’re highly trained professionals, and our duties are complex. Continue reading to learn more about the dutie…Read More

  3. 6 Types Of People Who Should Hire A Bodyguard

    If you’re in need of protection from assault, kidnapping, stalking, or other dangerous threats, then it’s time to hire a bodyguard.  Our fifteen years of industry experience has taught us that most people believe that a bodyguard is primarily for intimidation, or just a physical barrier against…Read More