Surveillance that provides court admirable evidence to contradict a claimant is worth millions of dollars saved each year for and insurer or for the defense of an insurance claim. Yet there are many reasons surveillance is conducted and therefor it is often incorporated into many types of investigations. It is the simple concept that people tend to do strange and often things they should or should not be able to do, when they believe nobody is looking.
We utilize the most advanced technology and time tested techniques to bring you court admissible evidence to back up your claim.

Reveles Surveillance services include:

Pre-surveillance Conducted Prior to Assignment
Activity Checks
Advanced Technology
Expert Case Management
Professional Reports

Insurance/Workers Compensation Investigation

Insurance or Workers Compensation fraud results in the loss of billions of dollars every year.  In many instances, the claimant is also missing out on duly owned funds for various reasons, the number one cause being fraud. These investigations are conducted for clients, when they feel like an employer, employee, or even a healthcare provider has sought to profit in an illegal or unethical way from an insurance claim.   


Child  Custody

A child is most likely to be abused by those who are closest to them, this includes pairings and family members. During a divorce this can be difficult to prove. You will require court admirable and high quality evidence to prove that a parent or guardian is abusing a child. Acquiring this evidence in a timely manor, may just save a child's life.

A parent, family member, or loved one may initiate a child custody investigation to determine if a child is being mistreated or to confirm the agreement terms of a divorce or separation are being upheld. The goal is to determine what the child's life is like with the custodial or non-custodial parent. Providing evidence of neglect, mistreatment, alcohol abuse, or drug use can be critical to your claim and perhaps save your child's life.



​​​Reveles Intelligence Group provides the following Investigative Services:


“Trust but Verify”. Whether you are interviewing candidates for a position at your place of business, or any other scenario regarding trust, it can be vital in understanding the past of any individual. Background checks are conducted to ensure that an individual’s past actions meet your standards of behavior as well as verify scenarios of one’s past that might be questionable. 

Asset Investigation

Asset Investigations are conducted for many different reasons and are designed to discover undisclosed assets held by a party or an individual.  Such instances might include uncovering hidden assets, bank accounts, real estate or other investments.  We also conduct investigations regarding stolen and or disputed property cases.  


Infidelity Investigations are conducted for many different reasons and can range from simply surveillance for one’s personal knowledge, to an in-depth investigation for one’s secret double life.  Suspecting that your spouse might be cheating is a very emotional and painful thought.  A professional investigator can work closely with you to determine if your suspicion is correct, while remaining emotional unattached to the situation, thus providing you with the best advice.  Our investigation will provide you with the evidence you suspected or the peace of mind you need and deserve.  



Fraud is a very real threat to everyone, including those who go to extreme precautions to mitigate their chances.  Fraud can come in many different forms and from many different sources.  If you think you have been a target of fraud, we may be able to help.  We will look at the evidence you present, listen to the reasons why you feel you have been a victim, and determine if a fraud investigation is right for you.  Are goal would then be to collect definitive evidence and providing you with the proof so that you can begin to get your life back together.  Often services such as surveillance, background checks, and business investigations are conducted within the scope of a fraud investigation.       .  

Trial Support

When facing litigation, the outcome of your case will hinge on fact finding and the ability of your attorney to get this information in a timely manner. We work for you and your attorney on multiple levels to make sure you and your attorney are prepared with all the relevant facts. An experienced private investigator can often be a vital instrument when chasing down that one lead, can provide critical information to the outcome of a case